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5 reasons why you should target Romania for
dental care abroad

Table of Contents

You might be reluctant in choosing Romania as your go-to country for dental care abroad but these following facts will change your mind for good.

Romania is an up and coming East-European country and currently part of the EU. Despite many opinions, the quality of the dental act and overall medical care in Romania is very high.

In fact, Romania is a medical tourism destination still not used to its full potential.

According to patients abroad, it’s the place to be: highly-proficient medical staff, modern premium clinics, no waiting lists, safe and fun to visit, lots of flight connections, and the unique chance of seeing Dracula’s homeland and castle.

Besides, who wouldn’t be willing to get their dental issues solved at half (if not more) the price they would pay in the UK?

Here are our 5 reasons you should reconsider your top destinations for dental care when it comes to dental implants, teeth straightening, missing teeth issues, exchange old teeth fillings with white fillings, teeth whitening, so on and so forth.

Dentists use the same materials, instruments, and equipment as those in the UK​

Romania is bound by EU regulations to use materials tested specially for use on patients. Since there are only a handful of companies who sell dental materials, dental specialists abide by the same standards as every other dentist in the world. 

Therefore, Romanian clinics are a trusted resource for dental procedures across Europe. Medical travellers coming to Romania can easily confirm the extensive medical facilities available in clinics.

Also, Romania has one of the strictest standards in Europe that apply to radiology and sterilization. It is one of the few countries that require a leaded door to every radiology room. Also, all dental practices are required to have a separated, special sterilization room.

Dentistry graduates have their diploma recognized by E.U.​​

Romanian universities are recognized in the E.U. and abide by the same standards since 2009. Thanks to this, all the graduates have their diploma recognized in Europe.

The majority of the universities are also state-universities, so admission is harder. Despite that, there is a high number of graduates each year so there is a lot of competition in this field of work. 

After 6 years of studying dentistry, most graduates can even take a state exam (Residency Exam) to specialize in different fields of dentistry like Orthodontics, Surgery, Endodontics, and Periodontology.

Higher competition makes most of the dentists try to specialize more and keep up with the latest technology in this field and the latest scientific discoveries. Dentists are also obligated by the law to continue studying after graduation in order to maintain their right to practice. 

If they don’t accumulate a series of annual points by participating in courses, congresses, and meetings they lose this right for dental practice.

Romania is very strict about healthcare accreditation​

Every dental office needs state and county accreditation to function. In Romania, there are strict periodical checks of the dental offices and if they do not meet up the very high functioning standards, they get closed down. Dental clinics also are internationally accredited.

Moreover, dental office owners need to fill in annual or biannual paperwork to keep the business running. Not everyone can open a dental office here. Even dental assistants need to have a certain degree to work and must abide by the same rules as the doctors.

Dental care is extremely cost-effective in Romania​

In Romania, prices for dental treatment and procedures are lower due to important factors such as:

  • buying or renting a space to open a dental office is lower than in the UK
  • the average salary is also smaller, so there are fewer expenses
  • the cost of living is significantly lower and all the utilities are cheaper too

This lowers the price significantly, even though we are using the same materials. What’s more, taxes are lower in Romania, hence there are many fiscal benefits for dentists and medical professionals. This encourages the domain to thrive, it lowers prices and brings a lot of new medical specialists to the market.

Dentists are committed to their patients​​

Dentists are very nice, hard-working and patient. Despite it being a very stressful job, most people working in this field are warm and open-minded. 

Most dentists know and speak English and enjoy working with people. Simply put, the services here are all patient-oriented. After all, that is what a dental professional does.

So, it’s worth coming to Romania for dental care?​

Now that you know all of this, spare yourself from exhaustive waiting time, costly procedures, and low-quality dental care.

Reconsider your options, change your perspective, try Romania for medical treatment, take care of yourself, and get the smile makeovers you’ve always dreamed of, all in one trip to this country.

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