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Cosmetic dentistry in Romania

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More people have started visiting Romania for its high quality dental services, as this country has one of the best cosmetic dentistry around the world. If you are looking for a place where you can get brand new veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, whitening, facial aesthetics, this should be on your top list.

Cosmetic dentistry in Romania: RNCO's latest report

Cosmetic dentistry in Romania is cheaper than in the UK, US or the Western Europe and the number of the dental tourists who are seeking to have dental care services at international standards, have increased. 

According to RNCO’S latest report, although the cosmetic dentistry represents only 10% of all dental services in Romania, due to an increased interest in these procedures and the mobility that a tourist has, the future of this industry in this country has an optimistic outlook.

Cosmetic dentistry in Romania: What does a patient need?

The mission of all leading dental services providers is to come up with the best solutions for every patient that chooses to travel and get his dental treatment here. What does a dental tourist look for when choosing to travel to another country? 

A patient will always look for an accuracy of diagnosis, for safety, for affordable and yet successful treatments and also to enjoy his/her staying there.

In this regard, Romania ticked all of the above and gained a well-deserved place among the travel destinations for dental tourism, thus, being a strong competition to those that are already known for offering cosmetic procedures, such as countries from Middle East or Latin America

How can Romanian dentists improve a patient's look?

Nowadays, Romanian cosmetic dentists have a wide variety of tools and techniques at their disposal in order to improve the look of a patient’s smile. Moreover, their high specializations combined with the massive investments in newer equipment made by the dental clinics, will satisfy even the most exigent patient.

If you are reluctant in choosing Romania as your dental care destination, you should read these 5 reasons that will convince you travel to this country. For more information about dental care in Romania, click here.

Why choose Mediwhere as a medical tourism agency?

We believe that even though patients have different dental care needs, they are all in a search for trust. That is why we personally verify each dental clinics, in order to offer the best price

Mediwhere is  an open book. We believe timely feedback and good comm can help a community work better. That’s why Mediwhere will always provide clear and easy-to-understand information.

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