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How does it work? A complete guide to your dental treatment abroad

Table of Contents

While most of the time people try to postpone the need to go to the dentist from various reasons, the dental problems are keep getting worse. We, here at Mediwhere, understand your fears, the process of thinking and decision making. So we’ve created this guide to ease your search and understanding of the “searching for the best dental treatment abroad” process. Be sure to get in contact with us if you have more questions or if you simply would like a free dental opinion.

Step 1. Ask for a free quote for an estimate

As a result of your request for a quote, we will contact you as soon as possible. What we’ll need for this step is a panoramic dental X-ray (or an orthopantomogram) and a computer tomography (CT). You can send this via e-mail or Whatsapp. 

Your Health Manager will ask you a few questions about yourself and your dental condition, to have the full image. All the data will be sent to our doctors and after a thorough examination, we will offer you estimated personalized treatment plans for you to choose from, containing that dental treatment abroad that you’ve been thinking about for some time.

We have to add the fact that a 100% accurate plan is made only when you undergo a first consultation. After this first consultation, the doctor will set the primary objectives of your treatment plan which can lead to adjustments of the costs that could go up or below with about 30 %.

In 48 hours, we will send you the treatment plans on your email address and / or Whatsapp. Without the orthopantomogram or CT, we cannot create personalized treatment plans, since these play a major role in evaluating your oral health.

Step 2: Understanding and confirming the treatment plan

After you’ve received the treatment plans proposed by our doctors, take your time in reviewing them. We will be available for you for any questions and clarifications regarding them on either mail or Whatsapp. Also, please let us know what you’ve decided, even if it is a yes or a no. 

Step 3: The final countdown for your desired smile

Choosing a final dental plan will open the door to the next step: the dates of flight, treatment and accommodation. 

Firstly, we set up together the time when you will be available for your treatment, leading to an appointment.

Secondly, we choose accommodation during your stay and make the reservation for you. You can find the available booking offers in the Accommodation section on our page. 

Thirdly, we will help you book the flight on the right dates. The flight tickets are the confirmation of your arrival. Without them, the treatment’s appointment will no longer be available.

Be sure to check our website once in a while to check if we have any available special offers. For example, for appointments done in February, we’ve offered free accommodation for the entire period of treatment.

We’ve decided to extend this special offer for March too.

Step 4: Arriving at your desired destination

Upon your arrival in the selected city, a representative of the Mediwhere Team  will wait for you at the airport terminal. He’ll pick you up and drive you to your hotel, while preparing you for your first consultation. You will receive a mobile phone with saved numbers of your health manager, your doctor and other important numbers such as: taxi numbers or emergency services.

Step 5: First consultation

The doctor will examine you for the first time and will decide if there are some changes from the initial treatment plan, depending on the state of your oral health. This may lead to an update on the costs of the final treatment. 

Step 6: The treatment development

The first consultation will direct all the following treatment sessions, all depending on your own state of comfort. There is no need to hurry steps or to take too long between sessions. The payment for each procedure done during a session will be made at the end of it. You can choose to pay cash or by credit card

Step 7: Between the treatment sessions

Sometimes, depending on your selected treatment option, there will be some free time between sessions.

We can provide guided tours throughout the city and in specific areas of Romania and Republic of Moldova. Also, we have lots of options, fun things to do, that you can find in the Things to do section on our page. 

Step 8: The end of the treatment

After you finish the treatment, you will receive post-treatment indications: mostly about oral hygiene, while you are put up-to-date about  your current oral situation. After the check up from the hotel, we’ll drive you to the airport, so that we can make sure that everything works out in the end. 

Step 9: After you leave

You will be required to do some periodical check-ups. You can do those in your country or free of charge when you come for a city-break in Romania or the Republic of Moldova. For some dental treatments, it is necessary to come twice (eg. dental implants or all-on-4 procedure). In this case, on the first visit, we will plan the next trip. Be sure to respect the indications that your doctor gave you, because the integrity of the treatment depends on this. 

Why choose Mediwhere as a medical tourism agency?

We put patients first. We believe quality healthcare is a must, and price goes along.

We believe that even though patients have different dental care needs, they are all in a search for trust. That is why we personally verify each dental clinics, in order to offer the best price

We work only with highly-proficients doctors, and support every journey from beginning to end. We seek to offer the ultimate dental experience to our patients, and this asks for high-quality everything: services, treatment, dental staff, and final outcome.

We are an open book. We believe timely feedback and good comm can help a community work better. That’s why Mediwhere will always provide clear and easy-to-understand information and help you get that dental treatment abroad that you desire.

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