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How to get healthy teeth and gums: 5 best practices
for happy teeth

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So often, people forget that their mouths represent windows into their health. You can prevent damaging your teeth with these practices for happy teeth.

Given the potential link between the dental problems and general condition, prevention remains the most important and cost-effective long-term strategy.

Dentists all over the world recommend daily practices that will keep teeth and gums happy. And if they recommend these, we made a list with the top 5 practices, as brushing and flossing are not enough to gain the best oral hygiene.

Don't skip brushing your teeth before going to bed

Since we were kids, we have been taught to brush our teeth twice a day in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. How is it possible to skip tooth brushing before going to bed, then? Nowadays, we spend long hours at work and, somehow, this affects negatively our personal life. 

We no longer find time to do anything else. Coming from work and falling asleep without brushing our teeth causes in fact a lot of harm.

The bacteria that reside in our mouths feed with the sugars found in the food that we ate and it becomes highly acidic, therefore it destroys the tooth enamel, causing root decay and cavities. Bacterial plaque leads to gum disease, progressing from gingivitis to periodontal disease if not treated.

Practices for happy teeth: Make flossing a habit

According to NHS experts, flossing is not only essential for removing food residues, but also for removing plaque. Not cultivating this good oral care habit, plaque will eventually start attaching under the gum line, creating pockets that cause tooth to become loose.

Moreover, dentists claim that this monotonous activity can make your dentist visits more enjoyable as well as making a difference between healthy teeth and sensitive teeth and gums that can suffer from several diseases.

Following this recommendation will make your dentist proud of you and next time you pay him a visit, you will receive compliments for your oral hygiene.


Practices for happy teeth: Try to limit acidic foods and drinks

Dentists recommend limiting certain food and drinks as the low ph level of some of them breaks down the tooth enamel and affects the color of the teeth. Demineralization starts to occur, increasing the sensitivity to hot and cold. 

Avoiding the sugar from your diet and your beloved fruits and vegetables, it is indeed a habit rather difficult to kick.

Adding alkaline foods to your meal such as salmon, nuts and seeds, broccoli and kephir make an effective method into combating gum disease by neutralizing acidic saliva. Tomatoes and citrus fruits have an acidic effect on tooth enamel so make sure to drink plenty of water after consuming them. 

Coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages cause dehydration and dry mouth reducing the saliva flow, therefore leading to oral infections.

Practices for happy teeth: Stick with fluoride toothpaste

Although there are many natural toothpastes available on the market, is fluoride toothpaste more effective than these? The extensively research that has been done indicates that it is. This natural mineral contributes to your oral health by being absorbed into the tooth’s enamel. 

It strengthens your teeth and replenishes the lost minerals. It is not harmful if taken in the recommended quantities which must not exceed 1450 ppm for an adult and 500 ppm for a child.

Practices for happy teeth: Brush your tongue

Brushing your teeth only, won’t help you to get rid of bad breath. By including this 5th tip into your routine, you will help to eliminate the bacteria which feed on sugar. The most accessible cleaning device is a spoon, however there are also specific tongue cleaning devices. 

Scrapping your tongue gently with it, back and forth, at least once a day, especially at the back of it, will clear up even the yeast that naturally grows there. Old food particles and dead skin cells can also make everything that you taste dull.  

Brushing your tongue is a must as it actually helps boosting your immune system.

Protecting your teeth from damage starts with correcting the bad habits. Seeing a dentist at least twice a year, can do wonders as the expert inspects for cavities, you get a professional teeth-cleaning procedure and receive preventive services.

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