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Terms and Conditions

1. General

a. These Terms and Conditions (collectively referred to as Terms) apply to the use of the Mediwhere website and Mediwhere SRL services (collectively referred to as Services).

b. These Terms are the only applicable terms. General contractual clauses which deviate from these will be not accepted.

c. By using Mediwhere’s Services, you as the user (User) are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully

2. Scope of Services

a. Mediwhere is a digital platform that provides services to international patients seeking treatment in clinics from Romania. The platform contains information on medical treatments and provides search functionalities which allow the User to find clinics that offer the desired medical services. 

On user request and on the basis of user submitted information, we contact our previously selected clinics, in order to provide Users with information on treatment options and costs in response to their request.

b. Mediwhere does not provide any medical service and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the Users or the clinics, but mediates the communication between these two parties.

c. Our service is free of charge to Users as we are remunerated by the clinics that we cooperate with.

3. User Obligations

a. The User must have full legal capacity and be at least 18 years old.

b. The User guarantees to make accurate and complete statements when submitting information to Mediwhere or to a clinic.

c. If the medical condition or any other information that was submitted to us changes, the User will immediately inform us in writing to update the relevant information.

4. Rating Systems

a. Certain types of forums are created on the Mediwhere platform which allow the User to review the partner clinics and to exchange experiences and opinions with other users. These rating systems reflect the perceptions, experiences and personal evaluations of the users.

b. The User is forbidden to write reviews or comments that contain false facts, are defamatory, or are not permitted by law.

c. The User agrees to the retention and long-term publication of their ratings made in the forums, even when the Users registration on Mediwhere is terminated.

5. Price Match Policy

a. If the User finds a cheaper price for a treatment at one of our partner clinics, Mediwhere will match the price should the following conditions be met:

i. The User has requested an offer beforehand for the same treatment using our platform.

ii. The User finds a cheaper offer from one of our partner clinics, after receiving the offer through us.

iii. The offer must be clearly recognized as an official offer from the clinic, as we need to be able to verify it.

iv. Our Price Match Policy is applicable up to 48 hours after receiving the offer using our platform.

v. The matched price must include all taxes (including VAT) and additional charges which might apply.

vi. The Price Match does not cover typographical errors.

6. Limited Liability

a. Mediwhere will only be liable for damages suffered by the Users which our employees or agents have caused due to their own initiative or serious negligence.

b. Mediwhere accepts no liability in regard to the correctness and completion of any information provided by partner clinics on our websit

7. Data Protection

a. We take our Users’ privacy rights very seriously. In addition to these Terms, our Privacy Policy also applies to the use of our online services. Further information on the handling of personal data in our range of services can be found in the Privacy Policy.

8. Concluding Provisions

a. These terms represent the entire agreement between the User and Mediwhere.
b. The User is not entitled to transfer or assign any or all of their rights or obligations stipulated in a contract with us.
c. All notifications we provide to the User must be provided in writing.